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Residential, Commercial and New Construction Cleaning Services by Clean First Time. Our highly trained staff always provides professional & dependable service.

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Clean First Time was founded on providing our clients with the most dependable high quality service at a most cost efficient rate. We provide the most professional cleaning service available.

Clean First Time is the industry leader in providing professional and dependable residential, commercial and new construction cleaning services.

Clean First Time has the knowledge and experience to tailor our cleaning services to your needs.

Clean First Time is one of the most successful privately owned cleaning companies. With locations throughout Florida & Georgia, we are able to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service.

Since our inception, we've developed a desirable reputation as a leader in the highly competitive cleaning market. Clean First Time was created around a central corporate management structure that allows for centralized and direct control of all cleaning contracts, service delivery and operational processes on a national and regional level.

Our central management structure provides a unique and effective opportunity for the most consistent control of all cleaning contracts at every level of operation. Thus ensuring high standards and the delivery of our services always meets our client’s specific needs

Clean First Time has the highest standards. Our practices focus on the values of customer care, responsibility and pride through proper selection and training of talented and motivated people. Our stringent quality control procedures form the basis for this structure combining clearly defined policies and procedures to reflect a true desire to deliver high professional standards of service and satisfaction to all our clients.

While many of our competitors may treat you like a number, Clean First Time prides itself on creating a positive and long-lasting professional relationship with each and every client.

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